About Leon E. Orange
I am a full-time freelancer. I love expressing myself creatively. I started my company OrangeIsMedia in 2012 because I loved being able to help bring people's vision to life. I have a passion for visual storytelling and art. The two open mics I produce are called " New Peace Monday's" and "Respect The Mic". My goal with both of the open mics are two give an artist an opportunity to see what its like to run a show from start to finish with New Peace Mondays while Respect The Mic is a platform that allows artist to come and express themselves in whichever way they like.
You can find me on:
• Instagram (my visual blog)
• Linkedin  (for business contacts)
• Facebook (for friends)
My Skills & Knowledge:
Photoshop • Final Cut X • Web Design • Graphic Design • Photography • Microsoft Office • Entrepreneurship • Project Management • Social Media Management  • Sales and Marketing • Team Leadership